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Wir freuen uns sehr über ihr Interesse an der Arbeit in unserer Abteilung. Zusätzlich zu den Pflichtveranstaltungen bieten wir zahlreiche Wahlmöglichkeiten an, was die Seminare im Bachelor- oder auch im Master-Studiengang betrifft.

Falls Sie sich für die Forschung in unserer Abteilung interessieren, dann rennen Sie bei uns offene Türen ein! Kommen Sie einfach vorbei, oder schicken Sie eine Email an die unten angegebenen Betreuer.

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Unser Lehrangebot 2023/2024




Vorlesung Wahrnehmungspsychologie online


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Experimentalpsychologisches Praktikum

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Wahlmöglichkeiten für Seminare in der Allgemeinen Psychologie

Im Bachelor- und Masterstudiengang bieten wir folgende Module an:


BA-WPM-01 Wahrnehmung und Handlung



Winter semester: Prof. Katja Dörschner, Ph.D.      

Summer semester: Dr. Dimitris Voudouris


Winter semester

Focus: Perception


  • Get to know current topics in perception research 
  • Refresh and deepen fundamentals of perception & psychophysical methods
  • Be able to draw connections between fundamentals and current research topics in perception

Possible topics include

  • Visual perception of color, motion, shape, objects & faces, art & beauty
  • Visual and cross-modal attention
  • Haptic perception and explorative movements


  • Weekly meetings
  • Combination of group work and individual presentations
Summer semester

Focus: Interactions between perception and action


  • Understand how perception and action interact
  • Refresh and deepen knowledge on what action can tell us about perception
  • Translate your fundamental knowledge into more applied directions

Possible topics include

  • Illusions in perception and action
  • Visual and somatosensory perception during human movement
  • Eye movements
  • Perception and action in aging, in applied domains (technology, rehabilitation, sports, …), and in patients (schizophrenia, optic ataxia, …)


  • Weekly meetings
  • Combination of group work and individual presentations
  • Lab visit to try out experimental paradigms related to the covered topics


PSYCH-MA-PFM-05 Advanced psychological methods: methods in behavioral neuroscience


Winter semester: Dr. Dimitris Voudouris      

Summer semester: Prof. Dr. Karl Gegenfurtner


  • Students learn new cutting edge methods for measuring and interpreting human body and eye movements.


  • Winter semester - Body movement analysis: The recording and analysis of human movement has a central role in several domains. From understanding if a hip surgery was successful to making football players in video games move like real humans to basic research that examines perception and action. In this course, you will learn how to record and analyze human movement and what human movement can tell us about human perception. You will even get the opportunity to reconstruct and see your own movements.
  • Summer semester - Eye tracking: Where people look is usually what they pay attention to. Modern eye tracking techniques allow to measure the gaze of observers very precisely in the laboratory, but also when they are interacting with the real world. So where do they look when walking, riding a bike, or playing sports, and why? In this course, we will teach you how to find out, by measuring and analyzing eye movements.


  • Übungsaufgaben
  • Präsentationen