Inhaltspezifische Aktionen


K. Otto
Fluctuations in Cold and Dense QCD Matter with Functional Methods
Otto, Konstantin (November 2022)
Advisor: B.-J. Schaefer

P. Isserstedt
Thermodynamics of strong-interaction matter
Isserstedt, Philipp (November 2021)
Advisor: C. Fischer 

N. Santowsky
The Role of Four-Quark States in the Nature of Exotic Hadrons from Bethe-Salpeter Equations
Santowsky, Nico Gideon (Juli 2021)
Advisor: C. Fischer

P. Gunkel
Hadronic effects in the QCD phase diagram 
Pascal Jerome Gunkel (Juni 2021)
Advisor: C. Fischer

M. Körner
Hybrid-Monte-Carlo Simulations of strongly interacting Fermions at finite Density on the hexagonal lattice
Körner, Michael (September 2020)
Advisor: L. v. Smekal

E.-D. Weil 
Meson Transition from factors and electromagnetic Decays in the Dyson-Swinger-approach
Weil, Esther-Danielle (February 2020)
Advisor: C. Fischer

 P. C. Wallbott
Heavy-light four-quark states in the charmonium Region in a Bethe-Salpeter and Dyson-Swinger approach
Wallbott, Paul C. (December 2019)
Advisor: C. Fischer

 K. Kleeberg
Dyson-Schwinger Equations for strongly interacting fermions on the hexagonal graphene lattice
Kleeberg, Katja (November 2019)
Advisor: L. v. Smekal

C. Jung
Spectral functions of vector mesons from the functional renormalization group
Jung, Christopher (June 2019)
Advisor: L. v. Smekal

L. Holicki
Quark localization and the Anderson transition in lattice quantum chromodynamics

Holicki, Lukas (May 2019)
Advisor: L. v. Smekal

J. Weyrich
Quark and Nuclear Matter with Fluctuations
Weyrich, Johannes (June 2018)
Advisor: L. v. Smekal

Th. Steinert
The QCD phase diagram within effective modes
Steinert, Thorsten (June 2018)
Advisor: W. Cassing 

E. Seifert
Many-body channels in baryon-antibaryon annihilation in relativistic heavy-ion collisons
Seifert, Eduard (Mrz. 2018)
Advisor: W. Cassing

B. Bahrampour
Non-local effective Ployakov-Ioop models inverse Monte-Carlo Methods
Bahrampour, Bardiya (July 2017)
Advisor: L. v. Smekal

A. Palmese
Chiral symmetry restoration and strangeness dynamics in heavy-ion collisions at FAIR energies
Palmese, Alessia (Mai 2017)
Advisor: W. Cassing

J. Bonnet
Phase transitions in strongly interacting quantum field theories: QED_3 vs. QCD

Bonnet, Jacqueline (Oct. 2013)
Advisor: C. Fischer

J. Weil
Vector Mesons in Medium in a Transport Approach

Weil, Janus (Aug. 2013)
Advisor: U. Mosel

T. Göcke
Hadronic contributions to the anomalous magnetic moment of the muon

Göcke, Tobias (Sep. 2012)
Advisor: C. Fischer

F. Eichstädt
Description of Drell-Yan pair production in a phenomenological parton model

Eichstädt, Fabian (Dezember 2011)
Advisor: H. Lenske

Abdul Ahad Ataie
QRPA-Rechnungen für Ladungsaustauschanregungen an exotischen Kernen
Abdul Ahad Ataie
(Mai 2011)
Advisor: H. Lenske

Tina J. Leitner
Neutrino-nucleus interactions in a coupled-channel hadronic transport model

Tina J. Leitner (2009)
Advisor: U. Mosel

Patrick Konrad
Correlations in Exotic Nuclear Matter
Patrick Konrad (Oktober 2009)

Advisor: H. Lenske

Stefan Bender
Pion induced coherent strangeness production on light and medium-heavy nuclei

Stefan Bender (Juli 2009)
Advisor: H. Lenske

Oliver Buß
Photon- and Pion-induced Reactions in a Transport Approach
Oliver Buß (August 2008)
Advissor: U. Mosel


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