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Fabian Rennecke

Room: 337b
Email: fabian.rennecke@...
Phone: +49 641 99-33375
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Research Interests

  • Phase structure of Quantum Chromodynamics

QCD at high density – confinement and chiral symmetry breaking – thermodynamics and transport phenomena at finite temperature and density

  • Phenomenology of heavy-ion collisions

particle number correlations – signatures of novel phases at high density – dilepton spectra

  • Topological aspects of strongly interacting matter

higher topological charge effects – axion cosmology – novel anomalous quark correlations

  • Nonperturbative methods in quantum field theory

functional renormalization group techniques – effective field theories – semi-classical path integral methods – large-N and mean-field approximations

  • Critical phenomena

Yang-Lee edge singularities – critical physics of QCD and QCD-like theories

Short CV

2021-now: JLU Giessen
2017-2021: Research Associate at Brookhaven National Laboratory
2016-2017: Postdoc at Heidelberg University
2015-2016: Postdoc at JLU Giessen
2012-2015: PhD in Theoretical Physics at Heidelberg University
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Selected Publications

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