Inhaltspezifische Aktionen

The Curriculum

In addition to coordinating research, the MBML Programme promotes education and training through a comprehensive coursework curriculum, which includes regular and irregular lectures and tutorials. In this section, you will find a guide to the MBML coursework curriculum, including the current list of lectures and tutorials.

Over the course of three years the MBML program supports the independent experimental and theoretical research work of the student with an efficient and rigorous teaching curriculum. The philosophy of the MBML Program permits the aquiration of a profound interdisciplinary education in both basic and clinical sciences in balance with a broad knowledge of both practical and theoretical laboratory skills. The training faculty is being recruited from professors and lecturers of a broad spectrum from the Justus-Liebig-University of Giessen itself as well as from internationally renown visiting scientists. The MBML believes that the participating students will benefit from this multidisciplinary interaction with heightened competence and versatility for their furture careers in biomedical research.

The period of study will be subdivided into two parts:

The first 2 years include compulsory seminars, two annual retreats and a laboratory rotation organized in thematic blocks providing instruction on special topics and techniques. In the third year the students will focus mainly on their respective research project and present their work in another annual retreat.

Compulsory courses

  • Practical Courses:
    Within the MBML educational programme, students have the opportunity to attend a variety of irregularly-scheduled practical courses. These different courses are listed in the "The Practical Courses" section. Each course lasts one week, and is a credit-bearing course for the International PhD Programme and the GGL. Courses are voluntary, with the exception of the Biostatistics - Level I course, which must be completed by every MBML student prior to graduation.
  • Seminars:
    The students are required to attend lectures organized in modular blocks. These blocks consist of weekly seminars held by the teaching faculty of MBML, followed by subject-related presentations prepared by the students. The educational part is supplemented by regular “Meet-the-Professor-Seminars” of lecturers of a wide range of research areas relating to the (patho)physiologic mechanisms of the lung. Only 4 sessions of the semesters curriculum may be missed.
  • Retreat:
    The year’s work is anchored by an annual retreat organized by "Medizinische Klinik 2" of the School of Medicine, during which all students present the progress of their dissertation research. In this setting the students have the possibility to practise the public presentation of their results and in return receive constructive criticism by their fellow students and teaching faculty of other institutions. This interdisciplinary meeting encourages scientific communication and competence through exchange of ideas and knowledge and enables the students to aquire invaluable scientific skills for their future careers.


Recommended Courses

  • The University of Giessen offers a wide variety of interesting lectures and seminars. Some of which will be announced individually by e-mail others can be attended according to the student’s individual interest.