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Tuft Cells 2023

Von Behring-Röntgen and Leopoldina-Symposium Tuft Cells

The international Von Behring-Röntgen and Leopoldina-Symposium Tuft Cells will take place from 28-30 August 2023 in Giessen, Germany.

Tuft or brush cells were initially described by electron microscopy in the 1950s as a rare cell type in various mucosal epithelia. Their function remained enigmatic until the past decade. Since then, these epithelial cells have gained significant attention and have been recognized as central players in a wide spectrum of functional networks in physiology and disease. Tuft cells serve as a link between the microbiome, the nervous system, and the immune system, and play a pivotal role in infectious diseases, including parasitic infections. They can also give rise to tumors and are even present in the thymus. This symposium is intended as a forum to bring together for the first time the scientists from various backgrounds who share a fascination for tuft cells.

Looking forward to seeing you in Giessen,

Wolfgang Kummer, Kristin Rattay, Christoph Schneider, Burkhard Schütz (Organisers)