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  • JLU Main Building

  • Mathematikum [jpg]

  • Old Castle in Autumn [jpg]

  • Schiffenberg Monastery [jpg]

  • Town Theatre [jpg]

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Travel information

How to get to Giessen?

Giessen is easy to reach!

One of the biggest airports in Europe, Frankfurt am Main (FRA), is only 70 km away. There are two train stations - “Regionalbahnhof” for local trains, “Fernbahnhof” for long distance trains - directly in the airport. From there, it takes 1:15 h to 1:30 h to reach Giessen with one change at Frankfurt main station (“Frankfurt(Main)Hbf”). You can check for connections from "Frankfurt(M)Flughafen" to "Gießen" with the Deutsche Bahn. Please click "Fastest connections" AND "local transport" and check the "Important information in the connection details!" as there are major construction works going on at the track. Trains leave in intervals of 30 min at maximum. ICE trains are a little more expensive than local transport. Depending on the type of train, it will cost 17,40 € to 19,90 € (roughly the same in US Dollar; one way; cheapest fare). You can buy a ticket online in advance or at a ticket machine on the platform or nearby. 

For driving directions, you can use the or Google Map functions.


University Giessen Main Building

Ludwigstrasse 23

35390 Giessen


The wikipedia entry on Gießen provides some basic information.The tourist information also has a web page: Gießen Tourismus (in German).

Map of Giessen

a) Visit the OpenStreetMap for route planning.

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