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The von Behring-Roentgen-Foundation

The von Behring-Roentgen-Foundation was created through the merger and subsequent privatization of the university hospitals of Giessen
and Marburg and officially founded on September 08th, 2006. It has taken the State of Hesse only one year to establish this new direction for
medical schools in Germany. The University Hospitals of Giessen and Marburg Ltd. was set up at the beginning of 2006.
The foundation was legally established under private law with a capital of 100 million euros and is able to promote and support a number of
research projects with earnings from its capital. It supports and promotes the medical faculties of the Justus-Liebig-University of Giessen and
the Philipps-University of Marburg in their network of life sciences and other academic fields:
1. National and international research cooperation,
2. Development projects for new methods in research and education,
3. Young scientists,
4. Projects related to applied research,
5. Joint Projects combining the medical faculties of the Universities of Giessen and Marburg,
6. Scientific communication through conferences and symposiums.

Since it was set up, the foundation has already approved 23 million euros for 135 projects.

von Behring-Roentgen-Foundation

German National Academy of Science Leopoldina

German National Academy of Sciences Leopoldina
The Leopoldina originated in 1652 as a classical scholarly society and now has 1,600 members from almost
all branches of science. In 2008, the Leopoldina was appointed as the German National Academy of Sciences
and, in this capacity, was invested with two major objectives: representing the German scientific community
internationally, and providing policymakers and the public with science-based advice. The Leopoldina
champions the freedom and appreciation of science on both the national and the international level. It is her
role to identify and analyse scientific issues of social importance. The Leopoldina presents its policy
recommendations in a scientifically qualified, independent, transparent and prospective manner, ever
mindful of the standards and consequences of science.


Cardio-Pulmonary Institute (CPI)

The Cardio-Pulmonary Institute (CPI) is the excellence cluster funded by the German Research Foundation „DFG“ to better understand cardio-pulmonary diseases and find new treatments.

With the CPI we plan to go substantially beyond already established structures with the vision that „precision biology drives precision medicine“.



Transregio SFB-TR 84 “Innate Immunity of the Lung: Mechanisms of Pathogen Attack and Host Defence in Pneumonia“