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Business English
The series is designed to support you in the process of becoming familiar with the business side of academic activities, and to prepare for professional business communications in academia and in the company world. Handle business situations confidently in writing, on the telephone, or in person and extend your knowledge and understanding of vocabulary specific to business situations.
03.05.2024 09:00
Workshop: Agiles Arbeiten
Der Workshop bietet praxisnahe Einblicke, Methoden und Werkzeuge, um agiles Denken, Handeln und Führen kennenzulernen und zu erleben.
21.06.2024 09:00
Wege in die Promotion 2024
Informationsveranstaltung für Studierende mit Promotionsinteresse, „Predocs“ und Promovierende aller Fachbereiche
27.06.2024 13:00
Webinar: Find a job in Germany's Industry - Salary, Interview & Contract
This fundamental career training enables you to master interviews competently and to define and negotiate an adequate salary and understand employment contracts. It consists of live webinars and self-learning videos.
01.07.2024 15:00
GGN Sommer Event
Das GGN lädt Euch herzlich ein!
09.07.2024 15:00
16.07.2024 09:00
Workshop: Strategic Networking
This workshop deepens your understanding of how networks may positively influence your career, your research projects and your personal development, and it helps increase the usefulness of your own networks.
27.08.2024 09:00
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