Inhaltspezifische Aktionen

What will happen if a class is cancelled?

If there are not enough participants for a particular class, ahs may combine it with another or cancel it entirely. If there is no substitute class, participants will receive a full refund of the class fee. Participants are not entitled to demand that a class takes place.

If individual sessions are cancelled, e.g. if the course instructor is ill, ahs will attempt to find a substitute instructor or else arrange for a make-up session.


ahs is not obliged to offer a make-up session in the case of a cancelled session

  • if the day of the class is a public holiday,
  • if the class instructor cannot attend and ahs is unable to find a qualified substitute at short notice or to offer alternative classes or to find a date for a make-up session,
  • if classes are disrupted (by construction work, renovation, repairs etc.),
  • if the sports facility concerned has been booked for competitions, in-house training or other events,
  • owing to adverse weather conditions,
  • owing to an Act of God.