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Dr. Ana Ivasiuc

Ana is a social anthropologist with research experience and expertise in the anthropology of security, urban anthropology, policing, critical security studies, critical Romani studies. In her 12-years-long research experience she used a range of methods in which she specialized  through various research projects (participant observation, ethnographic interviews, focus groups, mapping, document analysis, archive research). Thematically, she is knowledgeable in the areas of: Roma / Sinti minority (including policies and activism), urban anthropology, security, policing, race / racism / racialization.


Fachgebiet / Themenbereich: Anthropology / Critical Security Studies / Urban Studies / Romani Studie

Methoden: Ethnographic methods

Beratungsangebot: Individuelles Textfeedback mündlich (Skype), Individuelles Textfeedback schriftlich (auf Englisch), Schreibbegleitung (über längeren Zeitraum), Budget construction, Gantt chart Planning

Zielgruppe: Studierende, Promovierende, Postdoktorierende