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10 MA Scholarships for Ukrainian Refugee Students

DAAD project “Future Ukraine”: Scholarship program in humanities or social sciences



The scholarship programme "Future Ukraine" supports refugee students from Ukraine in Germany.

The “Future Ukraine” initiative is supported by the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) with funding provided by the Federal Foreign Office. The main aim of this initiative is to educate future experts who will take an active part in rebuilding Ukraine and in increasing cooperation between Germany and Ukraine.

What scholarships are offered?

It is a scholarship program in the humanities, cultural studies and social sciences for refugees from Ukraine in Germany. There are 10 scholarships available for MA students in history, language, literature, cultural studies or social sciences for a period of 24 months, starting in January 2023 till December 2024. The scholarships provide €931 per month.

Who can apply?

Eligible scholarship candidates are:

  • Ukrainian citizens who had their center of life in Ukraine until February 24, 2022 and/or who have been in Germany as exchange students since the winter semester 2021/22, could not return due to the war and are now pursuing a degree in Germany - this fact must be evident from your CV;
  • Third-country nationals or stateless persons who enjoy international protection in Ukraine, as well as their family members, provided they were in Ukraine before or on February 24, 2022;
  • Third-country nationals who resided in Ukraine with a permanent residence permit before or on February 24, 2022, and who cannot safely return to their country of origin.

Scholarships are only awarded in connection with enrollment and study at the University of Gießen. 
: The application for a scholarship and the application for a study place at the University of Giessen are two separate procedures.

For any questions regarding the application for a study place, please contact the International Office of JLU Gießen (
For questions regarding scholarships, please contact the Giessen Centre for Eastern Europe (  


Apply for a scholarship

  • if you are already enrolled at JLU or
  • if you intend to matriculate for the summer semester 2023 or the winter semester 2023/24. Scholarships can also be awarded for study and language preparation before the start of studies.

Scholarship holders can choose MA programs in social sciences, history, languages, literatures, or cultural studies at JLU Gießen, for example:

The duration of the study program

As a rule, MA programs take 4 semesters (24 months). MA students are required to reach 120 ECTS, including 30 ECTS for the master’s thesis.

The funding for the program “Future Ukraine” ends on 31.12.2024. Afterwards students can apply for further funding for the completion of studies in Giessen. Alternatively, the studies can be continued and completed at a Ukrainian university and the scholarship can be continued in the home country as a sur-place scholarship with an adjusted rate, if necessary. Before returning to Ukraine, MA students must have studied at a German university for at least 12 months (a half of their standard period of study).

How to apply for a scholarship?

Please prepare following documents (in Ukrainian or English or German):

  • A short CV
  • A short motivation letter (1-2 pages). Please give some background information about yourself, which study program you choose, and why you are interested in this program
  • A copy of your bachelor’s diploma
  • A proof of proficiency in English (at least B2) or German language (C1) (test certificate, university grades, etc.), depending on the language of the instruction (please read carefully the description of your chosen study program). If you do not have any certificate, or if you do not yet have a certificate, you can apply for the scholarship including language preparation and then take a language test in Giessen.
  • If you are applying for the MA Slavic Studies or the GiZo-MA: A proof of proficiency in a Slavic or eastern European language (for non-Ukrainian applicants).

Please send your application package by 20 April 2023 to