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ZEU Colloquium



The ZEU Colloquium provides a platform for knowledge sharing among ZEU members and external colleagues.

Please find the current schedule in ZEU’s event calendar.

For questions and further informations, please contact Dr. Christoph Funk.

ZEU Colloquium 

Wednesdays, 12:30 – 13:30 h

Hybrid meetings in Seminar room S4, Zeughaus and/or in BigBlueButton:

The print version of the programme (PDF) for the current winter semester can be found here  

New exchange format within ZEU

Following the recommendation of the ZEU Working Group “Communication”, ZEU offers a new format – the ZEU Colloquium. The main aim of the ZEU Colloquium is to provide a platform for knowledge sharing among ZEU members. The Colloquium shall allow them to meet regularly in order to engage in a constructive exchange on research and projects. It is hence expected that the ZEU Colloquium will:

  • foster information exchange within the ZEU-group,
  • help ZEU members to benefit from other disciplines’ perspectives on their own research,
  • thus, strengthen the interdisciplinary work of ZEU.
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