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The University in the Region

Giessen is situated in a very picturesque part of Central Hesse and provides a broad range of cultural attractions – especially for students.

Giessen and its surroundings offer a variety of leisure activities – be it water-skiing on one of the many lakes in the vicinity, rowing and canoeing on the Lahn, sightseeing at one of the several castles in the region, or undertaking extended excursions to the nature reserves and recreational areas of the nearby Vogelsberg and Wetterau. Giessen’s cinemas, theaters, clubs, and museums round out the cultural profile of the city.

The City of Giessen
With its 78,500 inhabitants and 39,000 students, Giessen boasts the highest student density of all German towns and cities – a fact reflected in its cultural life. Its picturesque location in the Lahn valley and the surrounding hill country provide for excellent leisure-time value. 
GiessenStadt Gießen
Municipal Theatre Giessen
On its two stages, the Municipal Theater provides a broad spectrum ranging from opera, musical, and operetta to classical and modern plays as well as contemporary dance. The current program can be viewed on the web-pages of the Giessen Municipal Theater.
Giessen TheatreStadttheater Gießen
Mathematicum – The Hands-On Mathematics Museum

Giessen’s Mathematicum, the world’s first hands-on mathematics museum, conceived by the JLU professor for mathematics, Albrecht Beutelspacher, was opened to the public in 2002. The museum, with more than 120 exhibits, annually attracts over 150,000 visitors of all ages, inviting them to ‘experiment’ their way around the world of mathematics, irrespective of whether they are good at math or not!

MathematikumMathematikum Gießen
Liebig Museum
The Liebig Museum in Giessen is located in the historic laboratory complex used by Justus von Liebig for his research while working at Giessen University. The professor of chemistry and founder of experimental scientific research brought mankind several inventions, familiar not only from chemistry classes at school (the ‘Liebig condenser’, for example). They include baking powder, baby food, mineral fertilizers, and meat extract (‘Oxo cubes’), and have become an indispensable feature of everyday life.
Liebig MuseumDas Liebig-Museum

Two strong partners characterize Giessen and represent the region of Middle Hesse - in totally different ways: basketball Bundesliga club LTi GIESSEN 46ers and Justus Liebig University Giessen (JLU). Students profit from the cooperation of these two attractive institutions in Middle Hesse: they get discounts for all 17 home games of LTi GIESSEN 46ers in Germany's highest level Basketball League BBL.

LTi GIESSEN 46ersLTi46ers
Giessen's Environs
Everything turns green the minute you leave Giessen! Information regarding the sights of the region and life further afield beyond the urban center can be found on the web-pages of Giessen’s Environs.
Giessen's EnvironsDistrict of Giessen - Home


Giessen’s Daily Papers and Magazines

Gießener Anzeiger
The Gießener Anzeiger provides regional and international news and information, including a classifieds section.
Gießener AnzeigerGießener Anzeiger
Gießener Allgemeine
The Gießener Allgemeine provides current regional, national, and international news. It also includes a comprehensive film review section, an events calendar, and much more.
Gießener AllgemeineGießerner Allgemeine
Free Magazine "Express"
The Express contains up-to-date leisure tips for students in Giessen and the region. It also contains the university cafeteria menu, classifieds, cinema program, events calendar etc.
Magazine "Express"Express