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Attracting investors in initial coin offerings: The relevance of specific technological capabilities for fundraising success

S Philippi, MC Schuhmacher, N Bastian

Review of Corporate Finance 1 (3-4), 455-48511



Who should wear the pants? An empirical investigation of functional decision-making authority in innovation development

M Welle, S Kuester, MC Schuhmacher

International Journal of Innovation Management 25 (02), 2150019



A Configurational Perspective on BOP Innovation Capability

S Von Janda, S Kuester, MC Schuhmacher

International Journal of Innovation Management, 2150060



A configural perspective of BoP innovation capability

S Janda, S Kuester, MC Schuhmacher

International Journal of Innovation Management: IJIM, tba



What frugal products are and why they matter: A cross-national multi-method study

S Von Janda, S Kuester, MC Schuhmacher, G Shainesh

Journal of Cleaner Production 246, 11897720



The Role of Students, Educators, and Educational Institutes in Entrepreneurship Education: A Systematic Literature Review and Directions for Future Research

MC Schuhmacher, HT Thieu

Entrepreneurship Education and Pedagogy, 2515127420977773



14 Die Wirksamkeit von Signalen im Crowdinvesting–Eine qualitative Analyse

M Schuhmacher, S Philippi, T Herbold

Perspektiven des Entrepreneurships: Unternehmerische Konzepte zwischen …



Making a first impression as a start-up: Strategies to overcome low initial trust perceptions in digital innovation adoption

E Konya-Baumbach, MC Schuhmacher, S Kuester, V Kuharev

International Journal of Research in Marketing 36 (3), 385-39923



How pricing teams develop effective pricing strategies for new products

S Feurer, MC Schuhmacher, S Kuester

Journal of Product Innovation Management 36 (1), 66-8614



Quality signals in initial coin offerings

S Philippi, M Schuhmacher, N Bastian

Academy of Management Proceedings 2019 (1), 106883



How Pricing Teams Develop Effective Pricing Strategies for New Products

S Feurer, MC Schuhmacher, S Kuester

Journal of Product Innovation Management, 1-75



Get the show on the road: Go-to-market strategies for e-innovations of start-ups

S Kuester, E Konya-Baumbach, MC Schuhmacher

Journal of Business Research 83, 65-8165



Appetizer or Main Course: Early Market vs. Majority Market GotoMarket Strategies for Radical Innovations

MC Schuhmacher, S Kuester, EJ Hultink

Journal of product innovation management 35 (1), 106-12424



Investigating antecedents and stage-specific effects of customer integration intensity on new product success

MC Schuhmacher, S Kuester, AL Hanker

International Journal of Innovation Management 22 (04), 185003212



Reversing gears: Inverting the innovation-flow paradigm with reverse innovation

S Janda, MC Schuhmacher, S Kuester

Research-Technology Management 61 (1), 46-579



Processes for business model innovation: Structured or intuitive?

L Herbst, MC Schuhmacher, S Kuester



Divide tariffs and prosper? A focus on the role of need for cognition

S Feurer, MC Schuhmacher, S Kuester

Marketing: ZFP–Journal of Research and Management 37 (2), 101-1087



Comparing the incomparable? How consumers judge the price fairness of new products

S Kuester, S Feurer, MC Schuhmacher, D Reinartz

International Journal of Research in Marketing 32 (3), 272-28340



Configural theory of why people shop for clothes: Personal-attribute explanations of four stalwart segments

MC Schuhmacher, S von Janda, A Woodside

Journal of Global Fashion Marketing 5 (1), 1-259



Pricing New Service for Consumer Acceptance: The Influence of Consumer Characteristics and Expectations?

MC Schuhmacher, S Kuester, AL Fertmann

Univ. de Valencia



Sectoral heterogeneity in new service development: An exploratory study of service types and success factors

S Kuester, MC Schuhmacher, B Gast, A Worgul

Journal of Product Innovation Management 30 (3), 533-54478



Identification of lead user characteristics driving the quality of service innovation ideas

MC Schuhmacher, S Kuester

Creativity and Innovation Management 21 (4), 427-442104



Sport Sponsoring - The Communication Impact of Different Components of the Sponsor- Event- Fit and the Role of Involvement 

MC Schuhmacher, S Kuester, M Tremel

Marketing 2011: Delivering Value in Turbulent Times, 9



Kundenintegration in die Neuproduktentwicklung: eine Betrachtung der Konsumgüterindustrie

MC Schuhmacher




Amazon: International Expansion of an E-tailer

SC Heß, MC Schuhmacher

McGraw-Hill Higher Education