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Research at our department examines different areas of organizational studies, organizational behavior, and human resource management. It investigates both fundamental research questions and applied issues in these fields. Our main research interests focus around the following topics:


  • Leadership
    e.g., transformational Leadership; ethical and unethical leadership; abusive supervision


  • Teamwork
    e.g., dynamic team processes; individual contributions to team success; dysfunctional behavior in teams


  • New, team-based forms of organization
    e.g., inter-organizational collaboration; multiteam systems; boundary spanning


  • Hierarchy and power
    e.g., origins and consequences of informal hierarchy; power and (un)ethical behavior


  • Emotions in organizations
    e.g., emotions in service interactions; emotional abilities/emotional intelligence; collective emotions in teams


  • Time and time management
    e.g., individual differences in the use of time at work, time focus, time as a physical influence factor


In the following, you can find relevant publications to which members of our department have contributed: