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Research & Transfer

The research in the Accent Area Data Driven Economy (AA DDE) focuses on three fields. These sites provide further information on projects, publications and transfer activities.


The research in the Accent Area Data Driven Economy (AA DDE) focuses on three fields:

  1. Customer and User: Inviduals and their data. In the DecIs-Lab, for example, we use eye-tracking data to learn about consumers' preferences during their purchase decisions. We use this data to design intelligent user assistance systems that support the consumer when choosing products and services.
  2. Firm: Data driven business models at the firm level. An example of putting this into practice can be found in, a spin-off company that emerged from a research project and whose business model is based on the AI-based real-time analysis of company-related web data.
  3. Policy and Society: Regulation, labor markets etc. at sectoral and aggregate economic level, political and ethical aspects. For example, we analyze information diffusion and propagation patterns on social media in order to develop effective countermeasures against misinformation (e.g., fake news) and hate speech.

Specific reserach projects typically adress aspects of one or more of these fields, e.g., following the data value added chain.

In addition, the members of AA DDE develop and apply specific research methods, which are themselves driving the data-driven economy, but are also useful for the scientific analysis of relevant developments



The goal of the AA DDE's transfer activities is to enable societal participation in knowledge progress relating to the area of data-driven value creation. The AA DDE lives this transfer by means of the transfer instruments CommunicateAdvise and Apply & Utilize.

  1. Communicate

    The AA DDE aims not only to publish research results in professional publications, but also to communicate them to the public. For this purpose, we make use of formats such as workshops, lectures and discussion events, social media, as well as press releases.  First examples are:


  2. Advise

    Members of the AA DDE act as advisors to decision-makers in business, politics, and culture and participate in national and international review panels. This way, the AA DDE fulfills the advisory function of the university. A first example of this is:

    • Prof. Dr. Irene Bertschek is a member of the Expert Commission on Research and Innovation of the German Federal Government:

  3. Apply & Exploit

    The application and implementation of scientific findings is pursued and lived by the AA DDE.  In close cooperation with the start-up center ECM of the JLU, exploiting projects of the accent area in the form of spin-offs is continuously examined and in case of potential realized. A first example of the successful exploitation of scientific findings from the AA DDE in the form of a spin-off is: