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As part of the AA DDE our chairs offer modules which are characterized by particularly intensive analysis of data driven developments on several levels.


Chair Modul Badge Taught in English?
Bertschek Ökonomie der Digitalisierung (MSc.) Badge2 Yes
Pfeiffer Data Science for Consumer Behavior (MSc.) Badge2 Yes

E-commerce (BSc.)

Badge2 Yes
  Operations Management (BSc.) Badge2 No
  Data Science mit Python für Wirtschaftswissenschaftler (BSc.) Badge2 No
Pröllochs Data Science for Management (BSc.) Badge3 No
  Text Mining (MSc.) Badge3 Yes
Schleer van-Gellecom Predict the Future by Creating it: (Gen) AI and the Art of Data for Transforming Business Decisions (MSc.) Badge3 Yes (optional)
  Business Forecasting & Business Analytics in Practice (BSc.) Badge3 Yes (optional)
Stockburger Introduction to Data Economy (BSc.) Badge3 No
  Cause and Effect: Topics in Empirical Economics of Education, Labor and Health (MSc.) Badge3 Yes

Seminar Text Mining (MSc.)

Badge2 Yes (optional)

(as from 16.04.2020)


Badges are assigned as follows:

Badge Criteria

Modules are admitted and get a basic badge only if at least 50% of the modules content focuses on the analysis of in the context of digitization generated data used to discuss economic and social issues.

  1. At least 50% of the modules content focuses on empirical modeling, statistical analysis or data mining

  2. The modules contents focuses on at least 2 or 3 stakeholders = individuals, companies, politics and society. Additionally, these contents have to cover at least 20% of the modules entire content.