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Plaster Casts



Dresden Actor's Relief

The cast of this Early Imperial relief preserved in Dresden is unique in Germany. It was a gift from the archaeologist Margarete Bieber, who wrote her doctorate on it in 1907 and recognised that large parts of the relief had been added in modern times. The cast shows the ancient components and, with the small fragment to the right of the head, even more than the original in Dresden.

Dimensions: 31 cm high, 36 cm wide




Price: 168€


for members of the association: 98€



Small bronze of the Kassel Apollo

This small bronze was a gift from Margarete Bieber to the collection of the Berlin Winckelmann Institute and has been lost since the Second World War. It is a scaled-down replica of a Greek masterpiece from the 5th century BC, the best-known copy of which is in Kassel.

Dimensions: 14 cm high





Price: 45€


for members of the association: 35€



Campana relief

The fragment of a so-called campana relief made of clay shows a satyr dressed in fur in front of a rural sanctuary.

Dimensions: 12 cm high, 17 cm wide




Price: 29€


for members of the association: 20€



Female head from Athens

The marble head comes from an Attic high relief of the late 5th century BC and shows great similarities with the frieze of the Erechtheion on the Athenian Acropolis.

Dimensions: 10.5 cm high





Price: 48€


for members of the association: 40€



Arnsburg Rooster

The small terracotta figurine of a rooster is a treasure of the museum. It comes from a Roman grave near the Arnsburg fort.

Dimensions: 14 cm high






Price: 15€