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M.A. History and Culture

The Master's course History and Culture is a consecutive study programme, which is based on relevant historical and cultural Bachelor’s degrees.

In the Master’s degree programme History and Culture, you can choose from a list of subjects a combination of one major- and one minor course, thereby you have to follow certain combination rules. These subjects form the course content of your in-depth studies.

The 4-semester multi-subject Master's course History and Culture is a strongly research-oriented Master's degree course. It provides the framework for a combination of a variety of historically, philologically and culturally-oriented study subjects of the faculties 03, 04 and 05.

Students extend their historical, critical-hermeneutic and also philological and rhetorical linguistic competences, which were acquired in preceding BA studies at JLU Giessen or equivalent humanistic BA studies at other universities.

Detailed information on the structure and content of the Archaeology degree programme is available here: 

Study Regulations, Module Descriptions, Degree Course Schemes (german)