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Classical Archaeology

Degree Programmes

 If you have any questions about studying Classical Archaeology at JLU Giessen, please visit our section or contact us!



3D Museum - Desktop App

We have released the desktop app of our virtual museum so that you can explore antiquity from the comfort of your own home!

As part of the project, a virtual exhibition space was designed that can be used as an experimental laboratory for training in the handling of objects, for method-orientated and interdisciplinary teaching formats, as well as for the design of special student exhibitions. As a learning environment, a virtual museum space not only provides an immersive experience that enables a hands-on and playful approach to the often fragile objects from the collections, it also offers space for learning essential skills in working with the objects and in museum education.

You can currently explore three themes that students have designed in a class: Temple, Tomb and Roman House. You can access the project via this link:

Information on the content and use is available here.

We hope you enjoy your journey into antiquity!

Note: You will be directed to the HessenBox via the link provided. There you can download Museum 3D as a ZIP file. Once you have opened the downloaded folder, click on the file "Museum_Darstellung". It is likely that you will then receive a warning from your firewall, as "running this app may pose a security risk to your PC". You can safely ignore this message and run the file anyway - the programme does not in any way represent a security risk! You also do not need to update your graphics driver to run the programme. You can skip this step!


Prof. Dr. Katharina Lorenz is JLU's new President!

Congratulations to our Professor Katharina Lorenz, who is not only the first classical archaeologist, but also the first woman to hold the office of President of JLU! Margarete Bieber would be proud of you!


Classical Archaeology at JLU now has a second Instagram account!

Are you wondering why the Classical Archaeology Department at JLU now has two accounts?

The answer is quite simple: While @klassarchaeologie_jlu_giessen provides you with all the information about the activities and events of our Collection of Classical Antiquities, @klassischearchaeologiessen is where you can find out more about the department and, above all, about studying Classical Archaeology in Giessen. Moreover, you can regularly discover fun facts about antiquity here!

In our first post there is of course a warm welcome, but not only that...have you ever heard of flying turtles or talking barbecues? No? Then drop by and find out what it's all about!

We look forward to your visit!


Ludus Gorgonis - the gladiator group of the Chair of Classical Archaeology

Are you interested in experimental archaeology? Here's your chance to try it out: become member of the Ludus Gorgonis gladiators! We are a group of enthusiasts who have dedicated ourselves to experimental research into Roman gladiature. Based on wall paintings, mosaics, fan artefacts, written sources and, of course, original pieces of equipment, we try to reconstruct the fighting techniques of Roman gladiators. If you would like to try your hand at being a gladiator or gladiatrix, you've come to the right place! It's best to get in touch with our lanista, Mathias Kunzler, before your visit via email: m.kunzler77.

Mathias Kunzler is not only an archaeologist, but also a fight director and certified stage combat instructor. He has studied with teachers from the British Academy of Stage and Screen Combat and the Society of American Fight Directors, has been running Ludus Gorgonis since 2012 and has taught gladiator classes at numerous workshops in the USA and Germany since 2013.



Archaeology meets Psychology

How the ancient Greeks saw the world - Ancient sculptures and modern virtual environment in a joint project of Classical Archaeology and Psychology at JLU.

A short report on the aims, methodology and experimental set-up of our research can be found in the current issue 36 (2023) No. 2 of uniforum. For further information click here.


Special student exhibition "Of Beasts and Men"

Here you can find further information on the exhibition.

As part of the exhibition, a range of guided tours and workshops for children and families is planned.