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Classical Archaeology




Embracing the future to understand the past

The project "Museum 3D" transforms JLU's Collection of Classical Antiquities into a DigiLab for museums and teaching - students create virtual spaces and 3D models of ancient objects

A short report on the goals and didactic approaches of the current project "Museum 3D" of JLU's Chair of Classical Archaeology can be found in the current issue 36 (2023) No. 3 of uniforum. Further information and impressions can be found on the project page and on our social media channels as well.

The project Museum 3D - A virtual exhibition space as a DigiLab for museums and teaching is funded by HessenHub - Netzwerk digitale Hochschullehre Hessen until November 2023!


Archaeology meets Psychology

How the ancient Greeks saw the world - Ancient sculptures and modern virtual environment in a joint project of Classical Archaeology and Psychology at JLU.

A short report on the aims, methodology and experimental set-up of our research can be found in the current issue 36 (2023) No. 2 of uniforum. For further information click here.


Special student exhibition "Of Beasts and Men - Menschen und Tiere in der Antiken Kunst"


Here you can find further information on the exhibition.

As prt of the exhibition, a range of guided tours and workshops for children and families is planned.