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University of Giessen

Winter 2022/23 Corpus linguistics: World Englishes [MA Seminar]
Advanced methods in linguistic studies [BA Seminar]
Summer 2022 Data collection & analysis [MA Seminar]
Contrastive linguistics: English-German contrasts [BA Seminar]
Winter 2021/22 Corpus linguistics: Analysis of (learner) variation [MA Seminar]
Varieties of English around the world [BA Seminar]
Summer 2021 Corpus linguistics: Analysis of (learner) variation [online, block seminar]


University of Potsdam

Summer 2021    
Contrastive linguistics: English-German contrasts and beyond [online]


University of Hamburg

Summer 2019 Learner corpus research
Winter 2018/19 Second and third language acquisition
Summer 2018 Introduction to corpus linguistics
Winter 2017/18 Multilingual development
Summer 2017 Tense & aspect: Contrast, variation & typology
Winter 2016/17 English-German Contrasts
Summer 2016 English pronouns: Grammar, variation & change