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Diskurs 2022: smash|pause|trash


With the motto smash|pause|trash we want to think together about a reorientation of social and artistic practices in the 2022 edition. We destroy what was (smash), we pause and think about what was or could be (pause) and create something new from the broken parts (trash). What of the old is usable and how do we create something new from individual parts? At what point do we need to close the gaps that have opend or replace individual parts with new ones?

Deceleration should serve the DISKURS Festival 2022 as a means of inclusion. For us, it is important to reduce barriers as much as possible. In addition to consuming and presenting, we also want to provide a space for discussion about what we have seen, about current political issues and cultural-political debates. We also want to create a space for exchange between performers from different theatrical and artistic fields and the audience.

Dates, Place, Time, Duration:

smash: 14. - 16. Oktober
pause: 21. - 23. Oktober
trash: 28. - 30. Oktober


  • Festival
  • Performance
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