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Mammalian Ecology Group

Welcome to the website of the Mammalian Ecology Group (Prof. Jorge A. Encarnação) at the Department of Animal Ecology and Systematics of the Justus Liebig University Giessen. Here you will find content related to teaching and research on the ecology of mammals, faunistics, wildlife biology and environmental education.

Arbeitsgruppe Säugetierökologie

(Mammalian Ecology Group, September 2012)

The ecology of mammals - especially bats and small mammals - is conveyed and examined by our group in teaching and research, both in the academic environment, but also in non-academic sectors. The research focus lies on the areas foraging ecology of mammalian insectivores, reproductive biology and ecoimmunology of Central European bats, comparative metabolism and digestive physiology of shrews, bats, and dormouse (ecophysiology) as well as species diversity and habitat use of forest-dwelling mammals (landscape ecology). Both field and laboratory methods are used. Another new research focus of our working group is the ethology, where the behaviour of wildlife and zoo animals is investigated in more detail. In order to guarantee a occupational study offer just recently a new module in animal research using wildlife. We hope our website helps you to get a picture of us and our research and teaching.