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Living labs

Promoting diversity – creating impact

We aim at

  • setting up innovation spaces, framed within LL methodology, based on already existing networks, institutions, semi-organized and informal communities and evaluate their transformatory potential for more sustainable food systems

  • Developing, testing and experimenting with particular diversity-oriented solutions and practices in local food systems and explore their sustainability potential

  • Providing long-term social, economic and environmental impact by setting up LLs as interconnected communication and dissemination networks, and as social spaces for multi-actor and multi-level exploration of project’s research hypotheses, methodologies and results

  • Establishing links between local LL and channels for exchange of transformation knowledge and practices

We adopt a living lab approach to co-create, explore, experiment and evaluate with local stakeholders supporting a transition towards a more diverse local food system. The user-centred open innovation ecosystem not only translates the results into practice, but also experiments with potential solutions and future scenarios. Living labs nourish the whole project with diverse stakeholders’ and actors’ perspectives, options, practices and ideals.

This work package guarantees a sound communication and dissemination strategy by organising events and activities with consumers, stakeholders along the food chain and in food governance. The WP will also lead communication with mass media, social media, regular newsletters, identify suitable open access journals, and come up with a research protocol for replication and publication of comparable national reports.

  • Identifying innovation potential in local food initiatives
  • Designing and co-creating social spaces of innovation together with initiatives
  • Experimenting with living labs
  • Testing and evaluating the preliminary results to identify the potential to scale-up

This work package is coordinated by the Institute of Sociology at the Jagiellonian University

Contacts: Ewa Kopczyńska