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Current PhD Candidates

David Singaña Tapia


Starting year: 2023

Country: Ecuador

Regional context: Ecuador

Research topics: Food sovereignty, Family Farming, food trade flows.

Competencies: Quantitative and qualitative research, monitoring and evaluation.

E-mail: david.alejandro.singana.tapia

Room: 329


Sarah Robi Wambura


Starting year: 2023

Country: Kenya

Regional context: East Africa; Kenya

Research topics: Pastoral Rangeland Management; SDG Interlinkages; Policy Coherence for Sustainable Development.

Competencies: Agricultural and Applied Economics; Project Management; Research Methods.

E-mail: sarah.robi.wambura

Room: 132


Akonkwa Nyamuhirwa Dieu-Merci


Starting year: 2023

Country: Democratic Republic of the Congo

Regional context: National

Research topics: Essays on Gender, Contract Farming, and Women’s Nutrition in the Center-south DR Congo.

Competencies: Agricultural Economics, Applied Econometrics, Development Economics.

E-mail: dieu-merci.akonkwa.nyamuhirwa

Room: 304


Charity Masole 


Starting year: 2022

Country: Botswana

Regional context: Nationally

Research topics: Assessment of the drought relief programme on the livestock sub-sector in Botswana: A process evaluation approach.

Competencies: Agricultural policy analysis, quantitative research, econometrics.


Room: 329


Ifeoluwa Abulude 


Starting year: 2022

Country: Nigeria

Regional context: West Africa (South-West Nigeria)

Research topics: Food loss and waste amongst arable crop farmers in Nigeria.

Competencies: Agricultural extension education, rural development, programme design and evaluation.

E-mail: ifeoluwa.ayodeji.abulude

Room: 304


Rovshen Ishangulyyev


Starting year: 2022

Country: Turkmenistan

Regional context: Turkmenistan

Research topics: Analysis of Agricultural Reforms and Cotton Sector Restructuring in Turkmenistan: Application of the Turkmen Agricultural Sector Model (TASM).

Competencies: Agricultural Economics, Rural Development, Econometrics, Statistical analysis, Stata, R studio, International Agricultural Trade 

E-mail: rovshen.ishangulyyev

Room: 132


Akansha Mishra 


Starting year: 2022

Country: India

Regional context: India

Research topics: The role of citizen-consumers in making Pune, India a food smart city, challenges, barriers and opportunities.

Competencies: Food System Analysis, Food Safety, Consumer Behaviour, Qualitative Research, Knowledge Management and Reporting 

E-mail: akansha.mishra

Room: 301


Felix Ndayisaba 


Starting year: 2022

Country: Rwanda

Regional context: Nationwide

Research topics: Mushroom production and marketing potential for improved food security in Rwanda.

Competencies: Rural Development policy, sustainable agriculture, food security, poverty analysis, climate change & Geospatial analysis.

E-mail: Felix.Ndayisaba

Room: 357


Alexander Cano


Starting year: 2021

Country: Colombia

Regional context: Colombian coffee producing region.

Research topics: Change in agricultural land, climate change, and production economics.

Competencies: agricultural economics, environmental economics, agricultural production functions.

E-mail: alexander.cano

Room: 132


Manale Andargie Embiyale


Starting year: 2021

Country: Ethiopia

Regional context: Amhara Regional State, Ethiopia

Research topics: Intra-household Gender Relation and Its Implication for Family Income in Rural Ethiopia.

Competencies: Gender and Family Studies, Rural Development and Family Science

E-mail: manale.embiyale

Room: 304


Andres Suarez


Starting year: 2021

Country: Colombia

Regional context: Colombian coffee axis, northern Caldas

Research topics: Ecosystem services valuation, large scale avocado production, social perceptions, environmental justice

Competencies: ecosystem services valuation, sustainable rural development

E-mail: andres.suarez-agudelo

Room: 301


Denis Soldera


Starting year: 2020

Country: Brazil

Regional context: Southern Brazil

Research topics: Socioeconomic metabolism and energy analysis of agroecosystems in Brazil

Competencies: rural development theories, agricultural economics, statistical data analysis, R, MS-Excel, Multi-Scale Integrated Analysis of Societal and Ecosystem Metabolism (MuSIASEM)

E-mail: denis.soldera

Room: 302


Evi Mariana


Starting year: 2020

Country: Indonesia

Regional context: South East Asia

Research topics: Smallholders' Integration in the Indonesian Coffee Value Chains

Competencies: Value Chains, Community Development, Project Management, Monitoring and Evaluation

E-mail: evi.mariana

Room: 125


Titilayo Oyeronke Akinwehinmi


Starting year: 2020

Country: Nigeria

Regional context: Sub-Saharan Africa

Research topics: Understanding Consumers’ Preference and Willingness to Pay for Biofortification Attributes in Sub-Saharan Africa: The Case of Rice and Cassava.

Competencies: Choice Modelling, Price transmission analysis, proficient in the use of SPSS, STATA, R, E-Views and MS Excel

E-mail: titilayo.akinwehinmi

Room: 301


 Alisher Kosimov


Starting year: 2019

Country: Tajikistan

Regional context: North Tajikistan

Research topics: Sustainable Livestock Sector Development in Tajikistan

Competencies: Inclusive market systems approach, vertical integration, value chain analysis, collective action studies, sustainable livestock and pasture management

E-mail: Alisher.Kosimov

Phone: +49 641 / 99 37310

Room: 301


Nixon Murathi Kiratu


Starting year: 2019

Country: Kenya

Regional context: East Africa; Sub-Saharan Africa

Research topics: Food and Nutrition Security, Water Resources, Irrigation, Markets

Competencies: Agricultural Policy Analysis; Marketing and Price Analysis; Quantitative and Qualitative Analysis (Stata and SPSS statistical software); Food Policy Analysis; Econometrics

E-mail: nixon.kiratu

Room: 329


Mustafa Nasiri


Starting year: 2019

Country: Afghanistan

Regional context: Central Afghanistan

Research topics: Consumers' Perception of Food Safety and the Role of Time and Risk Preferences in Food Safety Demand: Experimental Evidence from Afghanistan

Competencies: Experimental Auction Methods, Consumer Behavior, Risk and Time Preferences, Experimental Economics, Quantitative Research Method, and Statistical software of R and RStudio.

E-mail: mustafa.nasiri

Room: 329


Miriam Kasebele


Starting year: 2018

Country: Tanzania

Regional context: Kenya

Research topics: Understanding the fluxes of Nitrogen and Hydrology in Mau catchment, Kenya. The model approach.

Competencies: Hydrology, Water engineering, Natural Resources Management, Carbon stock assessments

E-mail: miriam.kasebele

Room: 305


Azim Baibagyssov


Starting year: 2018

Country: Kazakhstan

Regional context: Kazakhstan: semi-desert and desert zones

Research topics: Resource Potential and Economic Value of Common Reed (Phragmites australis) for Sustainable Rural Livelihoods

Competencies: Natural resource management, Ecosystems conservation, Plant biomass assessments, Remote Sensing and GIS

E-mail: Azim.Baibagyssov

Room: 329