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IPPAE Program

Welcome to IPPAE - the International PhD Program for Agricultural Economics, Bioeconomy and Sustainable Food Systems at Justus-Liebig-University Giessen!

Within the IPPAE program…
The International PhD Program for Agricultural Economics, Bioeconomy and Sustainable Food Systems (IPPAE) was first accredited in 1992 by the funder, the German Academic Exchange Office (DAAD). The program is the result of a cooperation between the agricultural economics groups of the University of Hohenheim and the University of Giessen. The program is highly competitive and interdisciplinary. Its strength is that all PhD candidates have prior research or work experience in an area close to their PhD topics, which strengthens their analytical skills as well as the amount of knowledge that can be passed from peer to peer. In Giessen, the IPPAE lays its thematic focus on empirical, problem-solving research, at the crossroads between agricultural economics, agricultural sociology, farm economics and sustainable resource use. To date, more than 130 candidates received their PhD through the IPPAE Giessen.
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Who can apply?

  • outstanding scholars from developing countries and emerging economies (DAC)
  • 2 years of work experience
  • excellent written and spoken English
  • MSc degree obtained not more than 6 years prior to application
  • MSc degree in agricultural economics or related subjects
The application period for the 2024 intake is now closed! The application period for the 2025 intake will start on 30th April 2024.
How to Apply
Learn more about admission requirements, application documents and deadlines here.
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Program Overview
The program is 42 months long and supports PhD candidates through the process of their research project. Candidates benefit from a DAAD-scholarship and field work support.
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Epistemology and Decolonization
Research activities and knowledge are situated. They are shaped by the various cultural contexts people are socialized in and in which their working tools are designed. How can we make best use of the existing diversity of knowledges? How can we profit from a diversity of worldviews when exerting science in an international PhD program?
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Candidates can register to courses to enhance their skills. These are offered by the Giessen University, the IPPAE program and national doctoral programs.
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Members and Networks
Through their affiliation to the IPPAE, to the DAAD and to the Agricultural faculty of the University, candidates will have the opportunity to network within a large peer and research community.
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Supervision and Support
Candidates receive support from a supervisor as well as from the IPPAE working group. They also have a great number of opportunities to enhance their scientific and professional skills.
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Publishing is an essential part of the program. The IPPAE financially supports PhD candidates for the publication of their PhD thesis and the attendance to conferences.
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