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Program Overview



The IPPAE Giessen program lasts 42 months. It has a formalised structure which is compulsory to follow. The programme starts 1st of October each year.

Prior to the program, candidates are required to participate in a compulsory German language course organised by DAAD which takes place in Marburg and starts 1st of August each year.


Specific activities  Months 
Course work


Proposal design and finalization


Data collection in country of origin


Data analysis and writing


Defense of thesis and publication





Compulsory Course Work

IPPAE candidates shall follow three modules of Justus-Liebig-University during the first winter semester after the German language course. Candidates are required to pass these modules with a grade of at least 10 (out of 15). If you score less than 10, you will need to rewrite the examination or pass another examination in the next semester. Note that you cannot leave for fieldwork unless you have successfully passed three exams. Successfully passing the modules is necessary for you to enrol as a PhD candidate of the FB09 as well. 

Selection of modules: You are free to choose three modules from the teaching schedule of the faculty or from related faculties (economics FB02, social sciences FB03). We recommend you to choose these according to the objectives of the program and the knowledge gaps in theory and methodology that you need to fill in order to successfully finish your thesis. We recommend you to choose both a course on theory and a course on methodologies. We recommend you however to consult your main supervisor and obtain his/her consent before you register for courses, as he/she has a responsibility in guiding you to make sure that you can finish your PhD within the financial means and time limits that you have.

Recommended module: MP209 Proposal writing, research design and field work preparation, held by Stephanie Domptail. In this block module of ten days designed for IPPAE PhD candidates, which is open to students with a proposal at hand and an intention of conducting fieldwork, you will have an intensive time to work on and improve your proposal. The course takes place in late February after the examination week.


IPPAE Doctoral Seminar

The IPPAE group gathers every week during the teaching periods of the winter and summer semesters to share and discuss research approaches and progress, as well as administrative matters. The seminar aims to support students in the process of their research by other candidates as well as the program coordinator and leader to give a feedback. It is also a means to develop your scientific presentation skills.


Field Work and Data Collection
The program foresees that you will collect empirical primary data for a selected case study in your country of origin.
Data Analysis and Writing
Upon return from the data collection, the candidate has about 1,5 years to conduct three main analyses out of the aquired data. The work should be splitted in three main objectives and worked on one at a time. The candidate should then use the IPPAE seminar to present his/her 3 analyses.
Defense and Publication
In the last months of the scholarship, the candidate will need to bring all his/her work in the form of a book: the PhD thesis, with an introduction, (if necessary one descriptive chapter; if necessary one separate methodology chapter) at least 2 analytical chapters, and one general discussion/conclusion.

Scholarship Coverage


Funding for this program as well as the German language course is provided by DAAD.


Monthly Funding
  • A monthly scholarship which presently amounts to € 1.200 is paid for the time of the doctoral studies (42 months).
  • Family allowances are provided if the candidate's family joins him/her during the time of the doctoral scholarship allocation.


Yearly Funding

  • One return flight per year for 3 years
  • Yearly research grant of € 460 to purchase items such as laptops, winter clothes, or cover the costs to participate to courses or conferences


Additional Research Funding

  • A fieldwork allowance is provided for 2 years. This allowance is of maximum € 2.500 and is not extendable at all.
  • The publication of the PhD Thesis is supported with up to € 1.200.


German Languange Course Funding

  • Allowance of € 410 per month
  • Accomodation is provided


Christopher Mosch