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Prof. Dr. Uta König von Borstel


Phone: +49 641 99-37622



Curriculum Vitae


since 2017

Professorship of Animal Husbandry, Behaviour and Welfare

University of Gießen, Germany


Interim Professor of Animal Breeding

University of Kassel, Germany 


Interim Professor; until 2014 Postdoc

Coordinator MSc-Programm Equine Science 

University of Göttingen, Germany


Assistant Professor in Equine Science

University of Guelph, Canada


PhD Animal Behaviour & Welfare

University of Guelph, Canada


MSc Animal Genetics

University of Halle, Germany


BSc Animal Science

University of Guelph, Canada




  • 2018 - 2020: Scientific representative of the working group of the Federal Ministry of Agriculture for the revision of the national animal welfare guidelines in equestrian sports
  • Since 2020: Temporary member of the Animal Welfare Advisory Board of the German Equestrian Federation
  • Since 2017: Member of the RAL Quality Mark Advisory Board for the development of a certification procedure for working horse stables
  • Since 2016: Member of the Advisory Board Animal Welfare and Ethics of the Association of Leisure Riders and Drivers in Germany
  • 2014-2018: Member Animal Protection Plan Lower Saxony - Group Horses
  • Since 2012: Founding member and current Research Officer of the International Society for Equitation Science (ISES)
  • Since 2012: Member of several horse-specific working groups of the European Association for Animal Production  
  • Since 2009: Member of the Board of the Society for the Promotion of Equine Research  (GWP e.V.)
  • 2006: Student Representative of Animal Welfare Committee of the University of Guelph, Canada


Publications (Excerpt)


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  • Merkies, K., Sievers, A., Zakrajsek, E., MacGregor, H., Bergeron, R., K. von Borstel, U. (2014) Preliminary results suggest an influence of psychological and physiological stress in humans on horse heart rate and behaviour. Journal of Veterinary Behaviour 9:242-247
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  • von Borstel, U., Duncan, I. J. H., Shoveller, A.K., Merkies, K., Keeling, L. J., Millman, S. T. (2009) Impact of riding in a coercively obtained Rollkur-posture (hyperflexion of the neck) on welfare and fear of performance horses. Applied Animal Behaviour Science 116: 228-236.