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Modules Winter Semester

  • BK-070 Age-specific Nutrition
  • BP-005 Applied Dietetics
  • BP-093 Nutrition and Performance
  • MK-024 Special Human Nutrition
  • MP-191 Secondary Plant Metabolites in Health and Disease
  • MP-193 Flow Cytometry in Nutrition Research
  • MP-232 Special Human Nutrition in Practice

Modules Summer Semester

  • BK-013 Human Nutrition
  • BK-029 Practical Course in Food Sciences
  • BK-071 Statistics and Study Design
  • BP-005 Applied Dietetics
  • BP-143 Secondary Plant Metabolites
  • MK-104 Applied Nutrition Medicine
  • MP-232 Special Human Nutrition in Practice

Further information

Module descriptions and study schedules are published in Stud.IP and on the general pages of the faculty 09 in the section studies.

>> Stud.IP

>> FB09 > Studium

Bachelor / Master Thesis

It is possible to prepare bachelor or master theses in our group.

Theoretical Bachelor and Master Theses

Experimental Bachelor and Master Theses