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Literary Scandals as Forms of Cultural Transgression

Keynote: "Wilde's Long Shadow: Scandal, Censorship, and The Well of Loneliness”
This keynote lecture will discuss the scandal surrounding Radclyffe Hall’s "The Well of Loneliness", a novel of lesbian emancipation that was banned under Victorian obscenity legislation when it was published in 1928. If we accept literary scandals as privileged entry points to the analysis of social taboos and transgressions, then it is tempting to read the case of Hall’s novel as indicative of a general hostility in 1920s British culture towards same-sex relationships and queer writers.
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The conference includes 12 papers and a keynote lecture by Prof. Dr. Stephan Karschay (Freie Universität Berlin).


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Call for Papers
Literary scandals possess the profound ability to impact and challenge mindsets, leaving an indelible mark on literature, cultural consciousness, and societal progression. Such scandals have the potential to disrupt the status quo, unveil societal taboos, and ignite critical conversations. By pushing the boundaries of acceptability and confronting deeply ingrained norms, they compel readers and scholars to reevaluate established notions of morality, identity, and artistic expression. Literary scandals can jolt individuals out of complacency, forcing them to confront uncomfortable truths and question long-held beliefs. Through their disruptive nature, scandals serve as catalysts for introspection, provoking intense intellectual engagement and prompting the exploration of complex ethical and social dilemmas within and beyond the literary realm.
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Information for Participants

The costs of the conference are covered by the International Programme "Literary and Cultural Studies" (IPP), including the travel, accommodation, and food of the participants. The organization of the event is a collaboration between the Department of English, the PhDnet and the IPP. The conference will take place in the Konferenzraum 001 in the GGK/GCSC Building.

Organizing committee: Silvia Casazza, Deborah de Muijnck, Jan Alber, David E. Susa, and Anna Klishevich.


  • August 1, 2023 – Publication of the call for papers

  • September 15, 2023 – Deadline for sending the abstracts

  • October 1, 2023 – Notification of the results

  • November 9-10, 2023 – The Conference