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Maura Spiegel

Narrative Medicine at Work: Giving and Receiving Accounts of Self (24.11.2020)

Telling and listening are at the heart of the clinical encounter.  Helping clinicians understand the co-constructed and situational complexity of that basic dynamic in healthcare is one of the many clinical applications of Narrative Medicine.  This discussion will draw on a range of thinkers and fields, including Mikhail Bakhtin, John Dewey, Relational Psychoanalysis and Narrative Therapy to introduce the growing scholarly and clinical project of Narrative Medicine. 
Literary scholar Peter Parsisi observes that “[the] real object of literary study is not to bring readers a message, but to bring them into a mode of attention.”  Close reading of literary and other artistic work is the signature method in this field.  Surprisingly, it is through shared experiences of this kind that clinicians discover new ways to encounter the intersubjective, narratological, and existential dimensions of those they treat –and of caregiving itself.

// Prof. Dr. Maura Spiegel (Columbia University, USA)

Maura Spiegel is a senior lecturer in the Department of English and Comparative Literature; Founder and Co-Director, CUIMC Division of Narrative Medicine

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// Respondant: Dr. Burcu Alkan (University of Manchester, UK)

Burcu Alkan is an honorary research fellow at the University of Manchester. Her research topography covers a broad area that includes English, American, Turkish and World Literatures from a comparative perspective.

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