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IPP Workshop: On “Feedback(ing)” (Part I)


Nov 29, 2021 from 10:00 to 12:00 (Europe/Berlin / UTC100)


Online (Webex)

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To register, please send a short email to the IPP Team (, you will then receive the link to the event as well.
If you are not member of IPP but would like to participate, you are very welcome to send us a word. We will note your interest and, provided that there is still space, we will be happy to have you join us!


“On ‘Feedback(ing)’” aims to provide PhD students with an opportunity to learn, discuss, and practice feedback as an academic tool and a crucial interpersonal skill. The workshop adopts a hands-on approach to feedback through practical exercises and direct interaction. In the first part, participants will be encouraged to critically discuss and reflect upon the feedback process across a variety of topics and situations in a more interdisciplinary fashion while being exposed to a set of tools and resources. In the second part, they will be given an opportunity to practice the discussions carried out in the first through a few practical exercises as a way to train basic feedback skills which are necessary to communicate in a more objective, effective, and healthier fashion. 

Participants will also be encouraged to reflect upon other approaches to feedback they can keep developing to be able to respond to the challenges of the PhD process beyond its traditional scope of scholarly work, particularly regarding peer-initiatives and motivational and interpersonal tools to become a community of feedback givers and receivers. 


After the workshop, participants will be able to: 

1. Reflect upon the role of feedback as a crucial skill for successful research, academic exchange, and scientific excellency; 

2. Get familiarized with a few practical tools to ask, give, receive, and incorporate feedback; 

3. Put into practice a few interpersonal skills (i.g. active listening, decision making, communication, confidence) as to build more meaningful relationships in and out of the Academic environment; 

4. Communicate in a more objective and healthier fashion; 

5. Act upon aspects of collaboration and reflect on the powerful role of their peers as one of the wellsprings of academic and personal success. 


Workshop Syllabus

Part 01 – “Ideas & Tools” 

(2 hours) 

29.11.2021: 10:00-12:00 


- Positive, effective, or constructive feedback? 

- Reading, building, and practicing a good relationship with criticism 

- Types of feedback: macro & macro 

- How to ask, give, receive, and incorporate feedback effectively 

- How to create and feed accountability on and off campus 


Part 02 – “Feedback Me: A Laboratory” 

(2 hours) 

29.11.2021: 14:00-16:00 


- Write an email to your advisor 

- Asking for Feedback: customize what you want to hear 

- Preparing feedback: color coding 

- Delivering feedback: be S.M.A.R.T. 



// Dr. Patrícia Anzini (Católica University Lisbon) holds a PhD in Comparative Literary Studies from Northwestern University (USA). She holds a Master’s Degree in Literary Studies and a BA in Studies of Languages and Literature, both from Universidade Estadual Paulista (UNESP/Araraquara, Brazil). She is the Program and Research Assistant and Coordinator of CADOS, Universidade Católica Portuguesa´s Doctoral School, where she also teaches Academic Writing. She is a researcher at the Research Centre for Communication and Culture (CECC), where she is a member of the research group “Literature and the Global Contemporary”. She has developed research in the fields of Lusophone culture, with a particular emphasis on Brazil, as well as of transnational and hemispheric literature, poetry and poetics, and Walt Whitman. She has a longstanding record of experience teaching ES and EFL and has also done work with translation and films. Patrícia is also an Ubuntu instructor and a member of the Ubuntu Leaders Academy’s Scientific Committee