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IPP Workshop Series: An Introduction to Comics Narratology (Richard Vargas)


Dec 01, 2021 from 02:00 to 04:00 (Europe/Berlin / UTC100)


Online (Webex)

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Narratology has been established as an ever-expanding method to analyze narrative texts. However, there is still scant research on its use to explore verbal and pictorial configurations in comics and graphic novels. This workshop aims to provide a concise introduction of heuristic approaches to comics narratology.


The session will be divided into two parts: In the theoretical and conceptual framework section, some key theories, concepts, and premises related to the idea of storyworld and its key components in graphic narratives will be discussed. The second part will follow a case-study, in which the internal subjectivities of two characters will be scrutinized. The participants will examine the subjectivities and perceptions of ‘Hawley Griffin’ (the Invisible Man) from the graphic novel The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen (Moore & O'Neill, 2012). Then, there will be an exploration of the states of mind as internal sub-storyworlds of the character ‘Wallace’ from the comics collection Sin City – Hell and Back (Miller, 2006).


The workshop incorporates the competency-based teaching and instructional approach (Bauch et al., 2011) to introduce concepts, and premises, and to engage the attendees. In this workshop, participants will get acquainted with comics narratology; discuss important concepts used in graphic narratives, and analyze characters’ internal subjectivities: point of view, visual perception, and state of mind.




Bauch, W., Maitzen, C., & Katzenbach, M. (2011). Auf dem Weg zum kompetenzorientierten Unterricht – Lehr- und Lernprozesse gestalten: Ein Prozessmodell zur Unterstützung der Unterrichtsentwicklung.

Miller, F. (2006). Hell and Back. In D. Schutz (Ed.), Sin City®: The Frank Miller Library. Dark Horse Books.

Moore, A., & O'Neill, K. (2012). The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. Volume 1. DC Comics.


Note: The sessions of the IPP Workshop Series are open for BA, MA and PhD students and the participants do not require any previous knowledge to take part.


// Richard Vargas (GCSC) 


The IPP Workshop Series "Reading Culture: Established and Emerging Approaches" provides the space for IPP members to give a workshop that deals with current concepts and methods of literary and cultural theory related to their research interests. It aims at creating an interactive discussion for doctoral researchers as well as undergraduate students. The topics may range from general introductions to different "schools" of literary and cultural theory to concepts, methods and subjects of literary and cultural theory.