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Research Area 1: Cultural Memory Studies

This Research Area is concerned with the conceptual, theoretical, methodological, and practical questions raised by the interdisciplinary field of memory studies. It draws on the strong tradition of cultural memory studies in Giessen.

Through discussions, lectures, masterclasses, and other practical formats, the Research Area seeks to explore the role of memory studies in the humanities. The group has recently explored foundational texts on memory studies by Aleida and Jan Assman, Astrid Erll, and Marianne Hirsch.

As well as dealing with now-canonical concepts, such as collective memory, sites of memory (lieux de mémoire), trauma, or traveling memory, and post-memory, the Research Area has also kept abreast of recent developments in the field by exploring, for example, the transnational or transcultural turn in memory studies. The Research Area includes active members with diverse and wide-ranging doctoral projects, focused on different disciplines and parts of the world.

A central objective of the Research Area in upcoming semesters will be exploring the scholarly work on memory studies from new perspectives, particularly from scholars working on memory studies from a non-Western lens. With this objective in mind, the Research Area hopes to exchange ideas with its active members, whose projects deal with archives, memoirs, and literature from both the Global South and the Global North.

As a collaborative and open group, the Research Area is always open to collaborating with other Research Areas and ETRG at the GCSC and its partner institutions. The area's main focus, outside of organizing relevant academic events, is to discuss academic readings, exchange ideas, and screen movies at the centre which are followed by a discussion.

If you're a prospective member of the GCSC or in the process of applying, feel free to contact us if you have any questions regarding the function and work of the Research Area.


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Katharina Hacker ()

Mortada Haidar ()

Tatiana Quintero (Tatiana.Quintero)

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Aleksandra Sadowska

Archana Ravi

Anna Ivanova

Ana Marija Spasojevic

Emilio Aguas Rodriguez

Katharina Hacker

Louise Louw

Mortada Haidar

Piera Mazzaglia

Sandra Engels

  • Upcoming Events

The research area is planning a virtual Roundtable Event, accompanied by two master classes, under the title of "Dynamics of Memory Across Media". This event will take place on the 17th of June part of the GCSC Keynote Lecture Series and will be in collaboration with Research Area 5 and Research Area 7.