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Jason Waite

Jason Waite is a curator, writer, and cultural worker focused on forms of practice producing agency. Recently working in sites of crisis amidst the detritus of capitalism, looking for tools and radical imaginaries for different ways of living and working together. He has co-curated Don't Follow the Wind an ongoing project inside the uninhabited Fukushima exclusion zone,  The Real Thing?, Palais de Tokyo, Paris, Maintenance Required, The Kitchen, New York, Threat of Peace by Chim↑Pom at Art in General, New York and White Paper: The Law by Adelita Husni-Bey at Casco Art Institute, Utrecht where he was curator. He holds an M.A. in Art and Politics from Goldsmiths College, London and was a 2012-2013 Helena Rubinstein Curatorial Fellow at the Whitney Museum Independent Study Program, New York. Waite recently completed his PhD in Contemporary Art History and Theory at the University of Oxford, Ruskin School of Art focusing on artists responding to the environmental and social effects of the Fukushima nuclear disaster as part of the long history of internal colonization in Japan. He is chief editor of Art Review Oxford and co-editor of the recent book Don't Follow the Wind (2021) published by Sternberg Press.

Publications relevant to the Planetary


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