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The GGS programmes are meant to support and (further) train the members of a number of target groups during all phases, ranging from the beginning of their academic career to the creation of their own professorship.

Please note that the course language of the GGS Programmes is German, except for the "Teaching Assistantship Programme". Therefore, you are forwarded to the German Websites of the Programmes in these cases. 


Depending on the course of studies you are training in in the pursuance of your scientific/academic career, you may take part in the following programmes:

Programme Target group

Duration of the programme

Beginning of the programme
WWW: Weibliche* Wirtschaftswissenschaftlerinnen (in German) Female* master's students and graduates in economics and business administration approx. 6 months start: May 2023
Teaching Assistantship Programme foreign doctoral students approx. 5 months not in 2023
Successful strategic publishing female postdocs and female advanced doctoral students approx. 1 year finished
Third Party Funding Experts Programme postdocs and advanced doctoral students approx.9 months

call for proposals: Jan/Feb 2023

start: February 2023

Schreibwerkstatt Eposé/Projektplan (German programme) female (future) doctoral students and postdocs approx. 6 months Not in 2023
Career development for Postdocs postdocs unlimited start and withdrawal possible at anytime
Peer Mentoring Programme doctoral students and postdcos unlimited start and withdrawal possible at anytime