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Macquarie University (MQ)

Potential Collaboration with the CMCRC and Cotutelle Enrolment with Macquarie University for PhD students from JLU in the field of Finance

The Capital Markets Cooperative Research Centre (CMCRC) is Australia’s leading research and development organization that provides thought leadership and break-through technology solutions for capital markets. SMARTS, the leading provider of real-time surveillance systems throughout the world, demonstrate its success.


CMCRC Finance Research is about providing a better understanding of market quality by examining the efficiency (transaction costs & price discovery) and integrity (insider trading, market manipulation & broker client conflict) in the Financial Market to inform both policy makers and industry stakeholders to deliver better outcomes for users of capital markets.

PhD candidates typically come from a disciplinary background including

  • Finance / Capital Markets
  • Econometrics / Actuarial Studies / Applied Mathematics
  • Computer Science / Data mining / Natural Language Processing

For PhD students at Justus Liebig University of Giessen the opportunity exists to get involved with this program together with joint or cotutelle enrolment at both the Justus Liebig University of Giessen and Macquarie University in Sydney.


This implies that the PhD student will spend parts of his/her PhD at Macquarie University, Justus Liebig University and a finance industry partner.


It is possible to apply for the CMCRC PhD Scholarships in Finance Research. For more information download the CMCRC Finance Scholarship Flyer or visit the CMCRC website.

You are interested in an application for this program? Please contact . The GGS will provide you more information and helps you inititaing the application.


Finance Industry Partners

Sydney Based Partners

  • Chi-X (Microstructure and market quality related research)
  • ASX (Microstructure and market quality related research)
  • Macquarie Bank (Microstructure and market quality related research)
  • CoreLogic RP Data (Housing market related research)
  • BT Financial (Market quality related research)
  • Financial Services Council (FSC) (Policy related research)
  • RF Capital (Funds management related research)
  • FP Markets (Microstructure related research)
  • Australian Institute of Company Directors (AICD) (Corporate Governance related research)
  • Nasdaq (Sydney) (Machine learning related research)
  • Mojo Power (Energy markets related research)
  • GMO (Funds management related research)
  • CMCRC Central Development Team (Microstructure and market quality related research)


International Partners

  • Northwest Investment Management (Hong Kong) (Microstructure and market quality related research)
  • Financial Conduct Authority (London) (Microstructure and market quality related research)
  • Nasdaq (Washington) (Microstructure and market quality related research)
  • Nasdaq (London) (Transaction cost analysis related research)
  • Ontario Securities Commission (Toronto) (Microstructure and market quality related research)
  • Deutsche Bank (Hong Kong) (Market surveillance related research)
  • Thomson Reuters (London) (Foreign exchange surveillance related research)