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Network Evidence-based Management

Would you like your research results to attract attention in the economy? Do you already want to forge closer links with representatives of the economy during your doctoral studies or your time as a postdoc, thus increasing your personal professional network? Then become a member of the network “Evidence-based Management“, the new platform for scientists and practitioners!


Netzwerk Evidence-Based Management











What does Evidence-based Management mean?

Evidence-based management means that management decisions and business practices should be based on the best available and economically assessed evidence. In order to act in an evidence-based manner, scientists have to, on the one hand, carry out practice-oriented research and, on the other hand, scientific knowledge has to be made available to the practice.


How does the network implement this approach?

Together with its cooperation partners, the GGS wants to create a network in which practitioners and practice-oriented scientists can communicate with each other. Within the frame of, at first, semi-annual meetings, the network “Evidence-based Management” will convene to discuss the newest practice-oriented research results.


What are meetings like?


The network meets twice a year. During meetings, one junior scientist will present his or her research results concerning a practice-oriented topic. Subsequently, a practitioner will co-lecture on the original talk and will discuss the implications arising from the latter from a practical perspective. During the following standing reception, it is possible to continue the discussion and to form or expand personal networks.


What does the network “Evidence-based Management” do for me?


As a network member, you will profit in many ways: First, you will be part of an exclusive circle of researchers, entrepreneurs and managers from different sectors in Central Hesse with whom you will be able to get in contact on a personal level, thus improving your career perspectives. Furthermore, you will receive inspiration and new research impulses from the practice. In addition, the network will offer you a channel by which you may pass on your researched knowledge to practitioners.


How can I become a member of the network “Evidence-based Management”?


In order to guarantee the network’s personal character, its number of members is limited. Membership is awarded based on the early bird rule. If you would like to become a member, please write an with the subject line “Member of the Network EBM“.