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Empirical Educational and Social Research

The GGS peer mentoring group "Empirical Educational and Social Research" introduces itself.

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Common thematic intersections with regards to methodical approaches and interest in quantitative as well as qualitative processes brought us, the peer mentoring group "Empirical Educational and Social Research", together.


As it has proved difficult in normal, day-to-day university life to maintain an informal exchange between peers, it is our prevailing aim to create an institutionalised communication platform within our group as well as outside of our group. This aim is additionally supported by external experts. Our measures to ensure that we do meet our aim are regular group meetings as well as the organisation of a variety of workshops which are intentionally open to further scientists. This gives us the chance to maintain interdisciplinary communication beyond our group members and to increase our networks.


Our day-long symposium "Publication Strategies – The Way to Getting Published Successfully in Specialist Journals" will take place on November 15. We are looking forward to our three speakers and to a huge number of participants. In order to register, please click here.

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Please note that you are forwarded to the German application form.


Advisory council

  • Prof. em. Dr. Peter Schmidt
  • Prof. Dr. Ludwig Stecher
  • Prof. Dr. Jochen Wissinger



Nele Badeda
(Group leader)
Dr. Nina Preis

Dr. Nina Preis

(Group leader)


Antonia Bartels

Antonia Bartels, M.A.




Susanne Ehrlich

Susanne Ehrlich, Dipl. Soz.Wiss.

(Group leader)

Andrea Hopf

Andrea Hopf, Dipl. Soz.Wiss.

(Group leader)



Katrin Knoll Katrin Knoll, Dipl. Soz.Wiss.

(Group leader)

Michael Kretzer

Michael Kretzer


Former Members:

Dr. Sebastian Dippelhofer


Johanna Gaiser, M.A.


Katharina Golsch

Stephan Kielblock, M.A.

Jennifer Heiny

Jennifer Heiny, Dipl. Soz.Wiss.

(Group leader)

Sarah Hüller

Sarah Hüller, M.Sc.