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Former Peer Mentoring Groups


Giessen Initiative for International and Interdisciplinary Studies


The Giessen Initiative for International and Interdisciplinary Studies, in short Gi³S, unites junior scientists of different disciplines and career stages who research cognate topics. The content-related orientation of the Gi³S includes questions concerning the just distribution of resources and the order of political communities in a national and international context. Expert advice is given to the Gi³S by an interdisciplinary advisory board consisting of university-internal and external scientists and practitioners.


Scientific Career and Networking

Apart from scientific-methodical skills, internationally successful research also calls for a high degree of networking. A large network, which ideally only consists of scientists and practitioners of the same discipline, helps junior scientists in the exchange of ideas and a better visibility and publicity of their own work. It is the aim of our group to specifically support both the factors (i) competence/skills and (ii) networking of our members.