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Participating Institutions

The Giessen Center for Eastern European Studies has a close cooperation with the Herder-Institute in Marburg. The following is a list of those institutions at the Justus Liebig University which participate in the GiZo, as well as further departments, research areas, and work groups which cooperate with the centre.

Partner institutions at the university

        (History of Eastern Central Europe, History of South-Eastern Europe, History of Eastern Europe)

       (Slavic Linguistics and Slavic Literature Studies)

Further associated disciplines at the university:

        (European Studies focused on the Baltic states and Russia)

        (European law and research on transformation processes)

        (Transformation economy, economic integration)

Other institutions at the university with a focus on Eastern Europe:

German Language and Literature Studies:

  • Research Unit for Holocaust Literature Link
  • Research Group 'German-speaking Newspapers in Central and Eastern Europe'
  • Research Network Educational Linguistics Link
  • Research Unit, 'Sudeten German Dictionary'
  • Partnership of the German Institute with Zielona Góra
  • Partnership of the German Institute with Łódź
  • Socrates Partnership with Brno and Kaunas
  • Research Area, 'German-speaking Literature in Prague during the 19th and 20th Century'

Political and Social Sciences:

  • Interdisciplinary Research Group on 'Transformation and Transnationalization'
  • Research Group 'Political Science Research on Eastern Europe'


Centre for International Development and Environmental Research  Link