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Fluorescent Drosophila suzukii (commonly called the spotted wing drosophila or SWD)

Plant roots consist of different cell types, which have different functions in root development. The function of cell types in root immunity was unknown until now. High-resolution sequencing studies at the Institute of Phytopathology could show, that each cell type has an immune response coupled to its development-specific function. In this way, developmental processes predetermine the immune response in each cell type, leading to a higher diversity and consequently effectiveness of the overall root immune response.

On the occasion of the climate strike on September 24, 2022, the Linden Environmental Monitoring and Climate Impact Research Station of the Justus Liebig University and the Hessian State Agency for Nature Conservation, Environment and Geology (HLNUG) opened its doors in Linden-Leihgestern.

Model of microbial processes in C-, N-, and S-cycles in soil of the Giessen FACE system

Students taking measurements in a field experiment of the Renewable Resources and Bioresources Group

New Freshwater Clam Species Discovered in Ethiopia

Rapeseed blossom in the breeding garden at Rauischholzhausen