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iFZ Lunch Time Seminar

13:00, iFZ, Heinrich-Buff-Ring 26, B301

10. Mai 2023
Release of disinfectant tolerant and antibiotic resistant bacteria into the environment through human and livestock wastewater
Dr. Stefanie Glaeser, Mikrobiologie der Recyclingprozesse

24. Mai 2023
Biofunctionality of biomass from insects and fungi as sustainable feed sources in monogastric animals
Prof. Dr. Robert Ringseis, Tierernährung

28. Juni 2023 CANCELLED
The tiny and the even tinier: Bacteria and their phages
Prof. Dr. Kai Thormann, Mikrobiologie

5. Juli 2023
Introducing the United Nations “Liebig Centre for Agroecology and Climate Impact Research”
Prof. Christoph Müller PhD, Experimentelle Pflanzenökologie

12. Juli 2023
Healthy oils are not necessarily healthy, perfumes too - what have we learned?
Prof. Dr. Gertrud Morlock, Lebensmittelwissenschaften