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iFZ Lunch Time Seminar

13:00, iFZ, Heinrich-Buff-Ring 26, B301

15. Mai 2024
Sustainable plant nutrition through stress-reducing and resource-efficient fertilization
Prof. Dr. Jakob Santner, Pflanzenernährung

22. Mai 2024
Simulating the spread of alien species along global transport networks
Dr. Hanno Seebens, DFG Heisenberg Gruppe, Spezielle Zoologie und Biodiversitätsforschung

29. Mai 2024
Crop diversity for future climate adaptation
Prof. Dr. Sarah Schießl-Weidenweber, Genetik der Nutzpflanzendiversität

26. Juni 2024
Harnessing agricultural landscapes for biodiversity and ecosystem services: insights from Europe and Africa
Prof. Dr. Emily Poppenborg Martin, Tierökologie

10. Juli 2024
MSE-Key - Key factors shaping interactions between freshwater crayfish and their invasive disease
Dr. Kathrin Theissinger, DFG Heisenberg Gruppe, Insektenbiotechnologie