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Schippers, Stefan

Atomic and molecular Physics

The Atomic and Molecular Physics group studies elementary atomic collision processes. This research aims at gaining a thorough fundamental understanding of the atomic collision dynamics in small quantum systems and at providing high-quality atomic data for applications such as plasma physics, astrophysics and surface science. The group performs experiments with beams of charged particles using in-house equipment as well as large-scale facilities, i.e., heavy-ion storage rings and synchrotron radiation sources. In order to be able to provide intense electron and ion beams for these experiments, the group works constantly on the development of corresponding sources of charged particles. In addition, the group employs high-resolution spectrometers for the detection of electrons and x-rays.



Prof. Dr. Stefan Schippers

Institute of Experimental Physics I

Phone: +49-641-99-15203
Fax: +49-641-99-15109

Strahlenzentrum, Leihgesterner Weg 217, Room 204


  • Surface Technologies



  • Electron Spectroscopy
  • Gamma and X-Ray Spectroscopy
  • Ion-Beam Technologies
  • XUV Absorption Spectroscopy


Classes of Materials:

  • Carbon Materials
  • Nanomaterials