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Extracurricular Certificates

By successfully completing courses at the ZfbK in a particular subject area, you can acquire extracurricular certificates that document your achievements in this area.

For up-to-date information please refer to the German website.


Individualize your skill profile with our extracurricular certificates!


You can find more information about our extracurricular certificates here:

The benefit for you:

  • You decide to develop a clear profile within a specific skills area.
  • You take the time to work on a particular subject area during two semesters and to relate various topics within this area to each other in a meaningful way. Advanced courses usually take place once a year. However, you may complete your extracurricular certificate over the course of several semesters.
  • You will receive a certificate that demonstrates the content, objectives, and scope of the courses you have taken to future employers.

On this page you will find answers to the following questions:


Do I need to register for the extracurricular certificate before I start earning credit points? 

You must register via email with the respective certificate coordinator. You will then be enrolled in a Stud.Ip group where you will find all of the important information. You can also register if you have already started earning credit points.


How much time do I need to complete an additional extracurricular certificate? 

Some of our courses are offered only in the winter term or only in the summer term, respectively. You can find out to which of the  courses this applies by looking at the respective course and certificate descriptions. We recommend that you take at least two semesters to earn an extracurricular certificate, accordingly. However, you may also complete your certificate over the course of several semesters.


Can I continue completing a certificate during my master's program that I started during my bachelor's program?

The acquisition of an AfK extracurricular certificate is not dependent on a specific degree program. If you have started acquiring the certificate during the bachelor's degree, you are welcome to continue it during your master's degree.


What will change for me if the courses eligible for an extracurricular certificate change? 

As we work primarily with external course instructors, we can sometimes offer particular courses at the ZfbK only for a limited amount of time (for one, two, sometimes three semesters). We make sure that the changes in the course offerings will still allow you to complete your extracurricular certificate. If you are not sure how you might be affected by this, please contact us.


Can I get credit for other courses?

Courses which are not offered as AfK courses at the Zfbk and which are not already designated as courses that can be recognized for one of the extracurricular certificates can possibly be recognized after individual review. Please consult with your certificate coordinator BEFORE applying for your extracurricular certificate. To find out which courses you can receive credit for, see: Oral Communication Skills and Intercultural Competence.


How do I apply for an extracurricular certificate? 

As soon as you have earned a sufficient number of credit points for an extracurricular certificate, submitted your portfolio in the Stud.IP group (Oral Communication Skills and Intercultural Competence), and completed the colloquium, you can apply for your certificate. You can find the application here: Application for a certificate


Where do I submit the application?

Please fill out this application form and enclose all required confirmations of achievement (confirmations/copies of confirmations and/or current FlexNow transcript of records from your examination office) as well as a stamped return envelope (1,60€).

Zentrum für fremdsprachliche und berufsfeldorientierte Kompetenzen (ZfbK)
- Abteilung Schlüsselkompetenzen (AfK) -
Leihgesterner Weg 52 (Raum 206)
35392 Gießen


When will I receive my extracurricular certificate?

To issue a certificate takes 2-4 weeks during the lecture period, during the semester break we ask you for a little more patience.