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Oral Communication Skills

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ZfbK Extracurricular Certificate "Oral Communication Skills”

Contents and objectives

The certificate covers five areas with the following topics:

  1. Theoretical basics of oral communication:
    1. Physiology of vocalization and articulation;
    2. Theories of and approaches to an improved oral communication in the areas: speech, conversation, argumentation, oratory, conflict management.
  2. Presenting: feedback-based reflection and improvement of individual presentation skills through practicing speeches and rhetorical techniques.
  3. Conversation management and argumentation: feedback-based reflection and improvement of conversational skills in terms of a planned, structured and goal-oriented argumentation and conversation techniques
  4. Voice training: exercises for the voice-friendly use of a distinctive voice
  5. Conflict management: Courses on the ability to deal with criticism and conflict as communication skills
  6. Reflection: self-evaluation of the learning progress and personal development, accompanying all courses and in closing before completion of the certificate


Participants have reflected on their own communicative behavior and communicative acting as well as developed their individual communicative skills with regard to specific situations in their future professional lives. They have acquired theoretical knowledge and techniques of oral communication, and are able to recognize, analyze and deliberately apply both in communicative situations.


(Compulsory) modules Creditable AfK-courses of the ZfbK Recognition of courses from other study programs of JLU Giessen 

1. Basics
(min. 2 CP, compulsory)

  • Grundlagen der mündlichen Kommunikation (VL), AfK-Nr. 135, 2 CP (SoSe)

Cannot be substituted with other JLU courses.

2. Presenting
(min. 1 CP, compulsory)
  • Kompetent Referate halten (kompakt), AfK-483, 2 CP (irregularly)
  • Souverän präsentieren, AfK-Nr. 623, 1 CP (irregularly)
  • Frei und sicher vortragen - mit Einsatz der VR-Brille, AfK-Nr. 708, 2 CP (irregularly)
  • Präsentieren in den Sozialwissenschaften, 2 CP (FB 03, Social Science, SoSe)
  • Wissenschaftliches Präsentieren, 2 CP anrechenbar (FB 07, Physik & Materialwissenschaft,  WiSe)
  • Moderationstraining für Geographen, 1 CP (FB 07, Geographie, every semester)

Other JLU courses are recognized upon request.


3. Conversation and Argumentation
(min. 1 CP, compulsory)

  • Kompetent Gespräche führen, AfK-Nr. 99, 1 CP (every semester)
  • Argumentieren, diskutieren, debattieren, AfK-Nr. 138, 2 CP (irregularly)
  • Argumentieren im juristischen Kontext, 2 CP (FB 01, Rechtswissenschaft, every semester)
  • Effektive Gesprächsführung/ Prüfungsgespräche meistern, 2 CP (FB 03, Social Science, SoSe)
  • Argumentieren in den Sozialwissenschaften, 2 CP (FB 03, Social Science, SoSe)

Other JLU courses are recognized upon request.


4. Voice Coaching (optional)
  • Stimmtraining für Lehramtsstudierende - mit Einsatz der VR-Brille, AfK-Nr. 709, 2 CP (irregularly)


Other JLU courses are recognized upon request.

5. Conflict Management (optional)
  • Kommunikation und Konfliktkompetenz, AfK-Nr. 395, 2 CP (every semester)
  • Gewaltfreie/Wertschätzende Kommunikation nach Marshall B. Rosenberg (GfK), AfK-Nr. 369, 1 CP (every semester)
  • Kommunikation und Konfliktkompetenz im Projektmanagement (FB 07, Geographie (MA), 2 CP

Other JLU courses are recognized upon request.

  Courses offered by the ZfbK will be completed with a reflection as the final assessment.


Each recognition is due to individual review. Please clarify this early on with the certificate coordinator and submit the relevant proof (e.g. module/course description, seminar plan, ToR, etc.).

For courses that can be recognized, a reflection paper must be submitted according to ZfbK specifications, which you should ideally prepare immediately after attending the course.

6.  Reflection
(1 CP)
  • Final portfolio, consisting of a reflection on each of the courses attended AND an
  • verall reflection after completion of all courses and before applying for the issuance of a certificate
  • Final colloquium (15 min)


Cannot be substituted with other JLU courses.



For general information on supplemental certificates (time frame, application, etc..), please visit our main page.