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SPSS License Purchase

Since 1968, SPSS Inc. (now part of IBM) has been developing its statistical program package. The original name was 'Statistical Package for the Social Sciences'. The program has a user-friendly graphical interface and contains the common methods of data evaluation, as well as several systems for the graphical representation of statistical data and parameters.

Information Description
Current version SPSS 29, AMOS 29
Platforms WIN, Mac, LIN
License program Hessian state framework agreement (duration 2020 to 2024)
Subscription rights All employees and students of the University of Giessen at significantly reduced rates

To purchase a license, both employees and students should contact the Hessen portal of AskNet. You can find the SPSS software directly from the JLU data network on the following page: 

If you are outside the JLU data network, please log in first with your user ID and LDAP/network password via ezproxy:

If you would like to use SPSS as part of a network license (e.g. for your institute, a working group, etc.), you can find all the necessary information here or contact HRZ directly.

License type Rental license (limited duration)
License duration Annually until 2024, the licenses are limited in time and expire every year on September 30th. They must be renewed after expiry.
Download and installation

After purchasing the license, you can download the SPSS installation files here. You can obtain the access data from on request.

Note: The software cannot be used without a license. As of version 23, IBM has removed the (automatic) 14-day test phase from the software.

FAQ Here you will find frequently asked questions about SPSS