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Staff Training Mobility at JLU

The EU Erasmus+ worldwide staff training programme funds training periods of international university staff (especially administrative and technical staff)at JLU Giessen. Research stays cannot be financed within this programme.

Applicants who have never been on a staff training trip are favoured.



General precondition: duration of a minimum of 5 working days up to a maximum of 2 months



- Travel expenses: allowances are paid according to the distance travelled; distances should be calculated using the EU online calculator.
Distance (km) Costs covered per journey 
100 - 499 € 180
500 - 1999 € 275
2000 - 2999 € 360
3000 - 3999 € 530
4000 - 7.999 € 820
8000 and more € 1.500
- Subsistence expenses: € 160 per day, days 15 - 60: 70% of € 120 per day
  • We have to remind you that possible gains from the balance of allowances paid and expenses incurred are subject to income tax.

Deadlines and Application Process

Deadlines and Application Process

Duration of stay: 5 working days up to a maximum of 2 months

Application Deadlines:

      • Your application will be dealt with after the application deadline has expired.
        • Deadlines:
        • Stays from October – December: September 01
        • Stays from January – March: December 01
        • Stays from April – June: March 01
        • Stays from July – September: June 01

Please hand in your application to the Erasmus+ office of JLU's International Office
The selection of candidates is based on various aspects in form and content as well as on the approval of funding by the DAAD. A selection committee desides upon suitable candidates.

Please contact Sigrid Jost or Annika Weiser for any further questions: +49 (0)641-99-12131/-35, E-Mail: .



General precondition: duration of a minimum of 5 working days up to a maximum of 2 months

Further preconditions:

  • Agreement on staff training activity between JLU Giessen and the respective partner university
  • Letter of invitation from JLU Giessen (an email is enough)
  • Mobility Agreement, signed, as a fax, copy, or scan


  • Mobility Agreement (all sides have to agree on a work plan for the staff training period - to be signed by the home institution, JLU Giessen, and the member of staff participating in the training)
  • Letter of invitation from JLU Giessen (department/professor of JLU)

Before departure:

  • Hand in the mobility Grant Agreement - will be provided by JLU's International Offce. Sign it and return the original to JLU's International Office. This document contains your rights and duties as well as the terms and conditions for the payment of the mobility grant.

After your staff training period:

  • Letter of confirmation
  • Online field report – you will get the link directly from the EU Commission after the completion of your stay
  • Travel documents/tickets (original copies)