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Working in Giessen

Any foreign student who possesses a valid residence permit is allowed to engage in gainful employment for up to 120 full working days per year or 240 half-days per year without a work permit being required.

This temporary employment is also permitted outside the official university vacation times. Up to 4 hours a day counts as a half-day, any period of time beyond that counts as a full day's work. All that is required is the appropriate endorsement of your passport by the International Registration Authority. Part-time employment within the University (so-called "HiWi-Jobs") are also permitted on the basis of this endorsement, and is valid over and above the basic 120 days.

If you are employed in a job for more than 120 full work-days or 240 half-days per year, you must obtain special dispensation from your local International Registration Authority with the additional approval of the municipal employment office. You must submit your application to the International Registration Authority, which then contacts the municipal employment office. The Authority checks to determine that extension of employment is not detrimental to the student's course of study or is likely to result in its unnecessary prolongation. Only in absolutely exceptional cases is permission granted. In issuing work permits, the employment office must adhere to the principle of priority: i.e. a permit to work at a particular job can only be granted if no applicant with a priority claim (e.g., a German citizen or a citizen of a EU country) is available. The International Registration Authority can also issue a work permit if a student is in economic straits. However, you must be certain of your ground if you find yourself in such a situation, because your residence permit will have been issued on the basis of the fact that you can give proof of sufficient funds. A declaration that you find yourself in financial difficulties may accordingly endanger the extension of your residence permit. For further information about work permits for international students, click here.

As a student, your income is taxable. For this purpose, you must obtain an income tax card from the Town Hall. The Giessen branch of the Inland Revenue Department will advise you on all matters connected with your income tax declaration, including reduction of the taxation rate for students and tax rebates. For further information, consult the Finanzamt Giessen.

Job opportunities at JLU

There are a few possibilities for obtaining work at the University as a student assistant or as a mentor or tutor. These jobs are posted within the University on the noticeboards in the relevant departments and institutes or are advertised on JLU's online labour exchange. Because such activity is often beneficial for your course of study, you do not require a work permit.